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Lazy Eye

Q. Dear Donna: My son was born with a "lazy eye." Until now he has had an easy enough time managing it.  But he is now a college student, and the intense studying fatigues his eyes.   As a result, he is having a lot more trouble with this problem.  What can I have him do to help himself?

A. k27.tiffGet him into the habit of deeply massaging the K-27 points (pp. 74-78) twice a day, especially when he is tired. He can also massage the bone/orbit surrounding his eyes. This is done with the thumbs pointed into the bones that surround the eyes.  The eye bone massage should be done daily and deeply.  Also, have him palm his eyes while breathing deeply for about 30 seconds.  I am also a big fan of the "spindle cell maneuver," which in this case would be for him to gently pinch and stretch the eyelid of his good eye twice each day.  In addition, the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" explained in Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine should help him not only with his general health and sense of vitality, but also with the "lazy eye."