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An Unusual One


At a class in Chicago in 2008, one of the participants excitedly shared with us these photos, which she took while Donna was working on the stage with the woman’s friend. We ran them in our Energy e-Letter at the time, appreciating the mystery, but with no particular attempt to explain the light. We then forgot about it. The photo showed up again while recently going through some archives, and we sent it to our friend, Rick Leskowitz, a psychiatrist who is particularly interested in energetic phenomenon and is an expert in phantom limb pain. Rick sent it to Gloria Hemsher, a clairvoyant who is co-author of the book Psychic Psychology (which, coincidentally, Donna endorsed just before it was published in 2011). Gloria wrote back to Rick: “That's one of the exquisite healing etheric energies Donna brings in to help her do her healings. She's amazing! She is such a gift.”

David showed Donna the long-forgotten photos and asked her what she thought of Gloria’s comment, and also to explain as much as she could about the “other-wordly” energies she works with. She said:

“When I’m working on someone, particularly if the work goes deep, I often sense a presence in the room. Sometimes I see a light or energy or even a human-like form. More often I simply feel it. I’ve assumed that when such energies are there, I know about them. But I remember with the Chicago photos that I was surprised because I wasn’t aware of any special presence or energy. I guess I don’t need to know everything that’s happening in the room. Anyway, I generally make no effort to control these forces. Like Gloria said, I simply welcome healing forces if they enter the space. When they do appear, they have always felt positive, healing, and incredibly comforting for me and for the person I am working with. These experiences leave me feeling at one with the universe.

While I don’t do anything in particular to summon such forces, sometimes if I feel at a loss about what to do next with a client, I will take a breath and just step out of the way. Something often comes in to offer direction. Sometimes I will feel my hands literally being guided. I have had the experience of someone/thing coming in behind me and stepping into my body and doing the healing work. Remember how a ghostly figure who looked like Yul Brenner appeared in the corner of the room during a session, identified himself as “Balasheem,” told me where to position myself with the client, and then came in, sending such a strong force of energy through my hands that the woman appeared to be having convulsions, but then her pain was completely gone? We wrote about that. We also wrote about a disembodied voice from “Weldon” turning a session with his daughter into a profound healing. [Both instances are described in the Epilogue of Donna’s book, Energy Medicine].

While Balasheem and Weldon were particularly dramatic and poignant, I suspect that when two or more gather in the name of healing, healing forces are summoned, and they appear much more frequently and powerfully than most practitioners realize.