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Submissions to Handout Bank

julie lappin

Papers may be submitted via email to Julie Lappin, Handout Bank Moderator:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attach the paper as a .doc or .txt file. Generally use 12-point Arial type, single spaced, one inch margins.


Under the title, place your name, any affiliation or contact information you wish to list, and under that, the copyright sign followed by the current year (e.g., © 2004).


If you have taken courses with Donna Eden, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Listing is free and takes only a few minutes, requiring a photo, contact info, and a few words about your relationship with energy medicine. Clients frequently find practitioners through this site. If you join, when people click your name on the by-line of your Handout Bank article, it will link them to your page in the Directory.

Any standard style for listing references is fine. You may use color, but keep in mind that the user may print it in black and white. Because graphics take up so much space, please only use them when absolutely necessary and do not include logos or decorative images. Please place the following at the bottom of each page:


From the "Handout Bank" of the Energy Medicine Institute

Before submitting your paper, please be sure it has been proofread and reviewed by someone proficient with grammar and style. If your paper contains copyrighted figures or quoted text that exceeds 300 words, please do not submit it until you have obtained the original author’s or publisher’s written permission and included a notation in the paper such as "used with permission." Please look at The Emergency Guide (MS Word® .doc file) for a model of the format we would like you to use and put it into that form. We do not have staff to reformat papers.

The Energy Medicine Institute retains authority to decide which papers will be selected, to edit papers before posting them, and to remove papers from the Bank. The author will be asked for approval of content but not style edits.