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Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101/102) Classes

CE's Available:

6 NCBTMB CE Hours. Cost: $10
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Would you like to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment? If so, these two classes are for you! They are straight forward, easy, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same.

Taught sequentially, Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101) and More Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM102) are each one-day classes that cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden's award-winning book, Energy Medicine. The information you gain from these two classes will help you feel and be your best.

Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101) introduces EEM basics plus many topics that are important for self-care and healing.  A quick Daily Energy Routine (just over 5 minutes) is taught that will have your energies humming in no time, plus ways to feel more grounded and centered are explored.  Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101) also gives an introduction to meridians, one of the mainstays of EEM. Meridians are the rivers of energy that bathe and vitalize our body and it's systems. Ways to work with and balance two key meridians, Triple Warmer and Spleen, are highlighted in this class, as well as additional techniques for managing stress.

More Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM102) picks up where Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101) leaves off and offers important techniques for moving energy, handling pain, and testing substances using energy testing. Using this cornerstone of EEM, you’ll learn how to dialogue with the body’s energies to determine energetic harmony before ingesting food and substances by using the Spleen Meridian energy test, as well as three easy ways to energy test yourself. Just like Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101), this class is full of practice, practice, practice, but it ends with each participant experiencing an EEM mini-session that balances and calms their energy.

Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101/102) classes are taught by authorized EM101/102 teachers and are offered in selected locations around the world.  Be sure to check back often, as new classes are added all the time.

A NOTE about Foreign Translations: While Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine is grateful that teachers have translated the class handouts into several languages other than English, Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine can only claim responsibility for the English versions. Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine is not responsible for the accuracy of any foreign language translations.

If there aren't any Energy Medicine for Beginners (EM101/102) classes near you, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   about sponsoring an EM101/102 workshop in your area.

Connecting Heaven and Earth from the Energy Medicine Daily Routine