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Clinical Practicum Project Listing

The Clinical Practicum

Year 3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program


Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum Projects

The following Year 3 Clinical Practicum Projects were completed in previous years of the program.

TopicPractitionerDate Posted

Set-Up of a Weight Loss Group Based on Using EEM and EFT and Determining Their Benefits for Regulating Weight Issues

Adams, Marie 8/31/2012

An Introduction To Energy Medicine 101 + Energy Medicine For Women

Adeboi, Alice 5/17/2011

The Power of Belief in Healing: Small insights into how beliefs systems may affect the ability to heal.

Allen, Sara 11/3/2011

Let’s Boost Our Energy Using Eden Energy Medicine

Amos, Lundee Williams 8/31/2012

Using Source-Luo Points to balance Five Rhythm Pairs

Anderson, Paula 1/12/2012

Harvesting the energy of Forgiveness to cultivate the healing of limiting energy patterns

Baker, Veena 8/31/2013

Blending Eden Energy Medicine with the Emotion Code

Barr, Allee 5/14/2012 

The Science and Physiology Behind EM for Women

Barraza, Adriana 8/3/2011

The Art of Scanning

Bautista, Hope 8/31/2012

Getting to the root of the imbalance

Beck, Tara 8/31/2012

Touching Energy

Bednarsky, Ann 6/1/2011

Comprehensive Eden Energy Medicine support for an individual managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s after bilateral Deep Brain Stimulation surgery

Benner, Mary L. 7/16/2014

Raising Consciousness Using Eden Energy Medicine

Benton, Lee 5/17/2011

Weaving Modalities With Eden Energy Medicine

Blake Spires, Kelmie 2/2/2012

Seed Points ... The Power of the Seed Point Dance

Blanchett, Susan 5/17/2011

Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy: One Woman’s Journey Using Eden Energy Medicine

Bogle, Regina 8/31/2013

Working with person who is having bariatric surgery

Boyce, Francie 11/3/2011

Session Tracking Form

Breckinridge, Daya 8/31/2013

Case Study: Anxiety with panic attacks, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Insomnia compromising the daily life of a 20 year old.

Brackett, Kathy 7/16/2014

Follow the Energy: A Case Study

Buck, Sarah J. 5/17/2011

How Eden Energy Medicine Became a Regional Program

Buford, Lisa 2/2/2012

Ritual As A Way to Enrich The Energy Medicine Experience

Butler, Emily 8/31/2012

Alternative Homolateral Repatterning Exercise for PTSD Clients

Camden, Laurel 2/2/2012

Introducing Eden Energy Medicine into a Counseling Practice

Carpenter, Jayne 8/31/2012

Energetic Security: It's Not Just for Computers

Carter, Jill 11/3/2011

Following a Breast Cancer Client ("E") for One Year Using Energy Medicine Techniques

Chambers, Kathy 5/9/2011

Where on Earth is Stomach 36?

Clark, Carolyn 11/3/2011

Chronic Bronchitis Not So Chronic After All

Cooper, Lisa 8/31/2012

Getting it right about right-sided body pain: A Case Study of the Benefits of Eden Energy Medicine on pain concentrated on the right side of the body.

Cooperdock, Peter 8/31/2013

Integrating Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Visionary Craniosacral Work

Crow, Pat 11/3/2011

A Case Study of the Benefits of Eden Energy Medicine on Painful Foot Sensations

Curtin, Connie 8/31/2013

The Eden Energy Medicine – Daily Energy Routine – How Does It Work For You?

Czarniak, Yvonne 8/31/2013

Resetting Time Using EEM Tools

Danel, Elizabeth 8/31/2013

Energize Your Heart

Deatly, Anne 8/31/2013

The Effects of a Variety of Energy Medicine Interventions on Multiple Energy Systems as Tested by Standard Eden Energy Medicine Tests

Dorzab, Tom 2/3/2012

Energy Medicine Short Topics- A Series of One-Hour Classes

Earnest, Michelle 1/12/2012

Essential Self Care for Family & Health Care Providers of Hospice Clients. End of Life Care for Hospice Clients with Special Emphasis on NVPoints and Source Points & K-1 Points

Eggers, Sallie 8/31/2013

Mindfulness, alignment, proper breathing, and the freeze response Integrating trauma release into the EEM Daily Energy Routine

Farrell, Ellen 5/9/2011

Power of 3 Class Series

Fein, Marjorie 5/9/2011

Teaching Daily Energy Routine to 3rd Graders

Foster, Melanie 5/17/2011

Strengthening Triple Warmer for Clients who have faced true life threatening situations

Frisina, Amy 1/30/2012

The Chakras and the Aura - a Comparison between Eden Energy Medicine and Healing Touch

Gabriel, Malonie 5/17/2011

Finding the Strength Within: Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer

Gaynor, BJ 2/2/2012

The Effects of the Seed Point Dance on an Autoimmune Disease

Gourley, Eva 8/31/2012

Move Your Energy, Change Your Life. What mind-body tools have to offer our work, our clients and ourselves.

Grigsby, Mary 8/31/2013

Hormones and weightloss; becoming competent and confident working with hormones

Harris, Prune 8/31/2012

EnergyOnTheRun: Self-Care Eden Energy Medicine Tutorial Videos

Hart, Shannon 8/31/2012

How To Get Your Groove Back

Hearn, Risa 11/3/2011

A Case Study: Bringing Eden Energy Medicine to the Hospice Community

Higgins, Kim 5/14/2012

Energy Medicine Before and After Snap Shot

Hill, Barbara 8/31/2012

Working with chronic anxiety and depression

Hillman, Sherri 2/2/2012

Eden Energy Medicine and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Holtmann, Helga 5/17/2011

Eden Energy Medicine: End of Life Care for Patients AND Caregivers

Jett, Gail 1/12/2012

10 Week Non Opioid Pain Management Program

Juarez, Julia Dawn 5/17/2011

Inner Dialog and Energy Medicine-Create Your Best Life

Kasovich, Efrat 8/31/2013

Free At Last! - Energy Antidotes to Eradicate Old Trauma

Kelly, Kaelin 8/31/2012

Introducing Eden Energy Medicine Guided Imagery and Energy Psychology to the Largest Loser Project at the Jewish Community Center of New Haven, CT

Kemper, Donna 6/20/2011

Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology for Seniors in Camden, NJ

Kerns, Elsie 3/13/2012 

A simple, deep relaxation technique that can be used by anyone

Koelliker, Peggy 8/31/2012

Mindfulness In Practice; Embracing and Utilizing Eden Energy Medicine Techniques

Koonse, Cyndi 8/31/2012

Healing Stones for 2011 and Beyond....

Lappin, Julie 2/2/2012

PhysioFREEDOM for Actors

Licharowicz, Lara 1/12/2012

Modifications of EEM Session Assessments for Clients with Limited Movement

Lubash, Geri 1/12/2012

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) for Hairstylists “With Applications to Clients”

Lutton, Eva 7/16/2014

Accessing higher consciousness and awareness in psychotherapy: Three guided-visualization techniques using EM

Marks, Kimberly 8/31/2012

Adventures in Social Networking

Mattax, Rose 5/17/2011

Understanding the Energy of Relationships

Matthews, Victoria H. 11/3/2011

Bridging the Sacred Dance Between Energy Medicine and Massage Laying the Foundation

Mavis, Cassie 8/31/2013

Exploring New Spoon Figure Eight Routines

McCahill, Gloria 8/31/2012

Creating a Class on Conscious Presence and Chakras

McGrail, Jamie 5/9/2011

Accessing and Balancing Kidney, Liver and Spleen Meridians through Visualization Based on the Five Rhythms

Miller, Hannah 8/31/2013

Honoring Myself - A Project in Expanding Self-Care

Milum, Lyn 5/17/2011

Advanced Starfish Connection

Moore, Douglas J. 8/3/2011

The Logic of the EEM-CP Tracker Form as seen through analysis of a Donna Eden Energy Medicine Session

Moroney, Anne 8/31/2013

Communication is Key

Napolitano, Alexandra 1/12/2012

Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own.

O'Leary, Barbara Ann 12/26/2011

Energy Medicine for Mental Health Practitioners

Owen, Sarah 2/2/2012

Energy Management

Patel, Jyotish 8/31/2013

The Use of Energy Medicine in Healing a Shattered Ankle

Powell, Sue 5/9/2011

Using Energy Techniques for Performance Anxiety and Enhanced Performance

Racik, Donna 7/25/2014

Mommy/Daddy & Me, Healthy & Smart Are We

Roberts, Sandi 1/12/2012

Back Pain Protocol

Robinson, Joan 8/31/2013

The Effects of Energy Medicine on Meditation

Seib, Danielle 8/31/2013

Revitalizing the Energies of the Heart

Shanley, Susan 8/31/2012

Energetic Coaching

Snyder, Suzi 8/31/2013

Case Study on Eden Energy Medicine and Autism

Shipp, Sandra 8/31/2012

Harmonize the Fire™

Smith, Melanie 2/2/2012

A Ritual for Opening and Closing Sessions with Clients using Kabbalistic Symbols woven with Eden Energy Medicine

Stern, Devi 5/17/2011

Eden Energy Medicine 24-Week Pilot Study in Two Chiropractic Medical Offices

Stevens, Jan 1/12/2012

Meeting the Challenge of Parkinson’s Disease

Stewart-Palmisano, Sue 8/31/2012

Free to be Healthy, Free to be Strong

Stone, Susan 5/17/2011

How to Create an Integrated Healing Clinic

Struck, Judith 5/17/2011

Allergy to Cats: Following the Energy to Living Comfortably in a Multi Cat Household

Sullivan, Holly 8/31/2012

Energy Medicine for the Family

Tellinghusen, MaryAnn 1/12/2012

Weight Management and Self Care Using EEM during the Holidays

Treadwell, Carol 8/31/2012

Early-Stage Research in EEM

Uebel, Mark 8/31/2012

Back Pain Protocol

Valentine, Ross 8/31/2013

Cancer Recovery Care

Vallatini, Eileen RN 7/25/2014

Eden Energy Medicine: Assessing Physical Subtle Energy Fields: A Necessary Skill for Nursing

Van Kanegan, Gail 8/31/2013

The JJ Children’s Book Series ©

Volk Hubbard, Janel 2/2/2012

Promoting Wellness with Energy Medicine (Get Well—Be Well—Stay Well)

Vomastic, Verena 1/12/2012

Gate of Vitality (Origin of Life)

Walden, Suzanne 8/31/2013

Extreme Skin

White, Geoffrey 1/12/2012

Rivers of Consciousness: Clearing Patterns from the BodyMind-A Comparison of Effective Protocols

Williams, Amy 8/31/2013

Develop an EEM Protocol for Ursuline Sisters who have Memory Loss, Dementia or Alzeheimer’s to decrease anxiety and increase cognitive functioning.

Winters, Ann 8/31/2012

Listening and Responding to the Innate Wisdom of Your Body

Zahner, Sr. Linda 5/17/2011