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Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Faculty for EEMCP Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, and TEEM (Teaching Eden Energy Medicine)

The Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program classes in Phoenix, Arizona and in the UK are taught and managed by Donna's senior faculty. The EEMCP faculty are a group of highly dedicated and experienced professionals with consistently high ratings from students.

They lecture from the stage and also teach in small groups for a more "hands-on" experience. Many of them have backgrounds in other healing modalities before landing in Eden Energy Medicine and some of them have had their own private practices for many years.

The faculty for each class will vary to give students the opportunity to experience a broad range of elemental and sensory styles as they demonstrate the magic of Eden Energy Medicine!

Our EEMCP Faculty started in 2006!


I appreciate the level of mastery in the faculty. They can teach this material because of their deep passion and understanding that allows all the students to easily learn and integrate the knowledge. Thank you!

- EEMCP Student (taken from Evaluation Form)

Current EEMCP Faculty for 2017-18

Sara Allen

Adriana Barraza

Ann Bednarsky

Kelmie Blake

Francie Boyce

Lisa Buford

Debra Burchard

Laurel Camden

Janie Chandler

Carolyn Clark

Titanya Dahlin
(EEM Dance)

Michelle Earnest

Marjorie Fein

Melanie Foster

Malonie Gabriel

Rand Gholson

Eva Gold

Prune Harris

Gail Jett

Donna Kemper

Madison King

Julie Lappin

Vicki Matthews

Amy McDowell

Ellen Meredith

Sarah Owen

João Pestana

Camille Pipolo

Sandi Roberts

Barb Scholz

Melanie Smith

Susan Stone

Suzee Utke

Janel Volk Hubbard

Sandy Wand

Lari Ward

Kim Wedman



More feedback from students:

"The EEMCP is a miracle in action! I feel so fortunate to be learning so much in such a short amount of time. The quality of teaching – in large & small groups is outstanding! Thank you for the vision, love & guidance!"