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Year 1: Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program


Our Foundations Program makes it possible.


Learn the tools and techniques you need to
unlock your body's natural healing power!

In our classes you will learn how to:

blue-checkmark Keep your energy flowing throughout the day and reduce fatigue
blue-checkmark Keep your brain's energy flowing optimally for healthy memory and mental acuity
blue-checkmark Reduce stress
blue-checkmark Reduce allergies
blue-checkmark Help alleviate symptoms of common illnesses

Our students LOVE these classes! You will too.


"It was like coming home." - Ann Sheridan

When I sat in that first class of EEM Foundations I felt comforted as I was surrounded with people that were of like-mindedness. It was like coming home.

Take the leap, because this is truly life changing!


"I wholeheartedly recommend the Foundations Classes." - Victoria Farthing

I wholeheartedly recommend Foundations Energy Medicine if you are hoping for more control over your own health, balance, well-being and better connection with the Energy of Life. And animals love it too!


"You learn a lot in the Foundations classes that you can apply immediately" - Daria Ewanik

I have studied several other modalities but this is by far the best training I have ever had. The materials used are comprehensive and very well written. The class size is small and the teachers and assistants are very knowledgeable and supportive.

In our classes you will also receive:

blue-checkmark Lots and lots of hands-on instruction and practice
blue-checkmark The loving guidance of our well-trained and seasoned practitioners
blue-checkmark Small classes with plenty of personalized attention
blue-checkmark Like-minded friends for LIFE
figure8-yellow-180x32 What You'll Learn figure8-yellow-180x32

The EEM Foundations Program is a one-year program of extensive study in the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine.

The program consists of four quarterly classes held over expanded weekends, and taught by some 40 of our senior faculty.

Each class is a deep dive into an Energy Medicine curriculum that integrates concepts and methods. Then the student has three months to integrate what they learned in their class, with practice sessions, tests to insure they have mastered the concepts, and Skype mentoring to ensure they have mastered the procedures. After all of that, they are prepared for the next class. By the end of the year, having completed the four expanded weekend intensives, students have a strong and integrated foundational knowledge of Eden Energy Medicine.

Donna Eden describes nine energy systems that impact body and mind, including the more familiar meridians, chakras, and aura. You'll learn how to work with all of them to for better health, clarity, and well-being.
Blocked or scrambled energy is often the source of pain and discomfort in the body. You'll learn more in-depth ways (like the Vortex Revival technique pictured above) to quickly move, shift, and balance energy. Anyone can do it. Get ready to be amazed by the results.
In Foundations you'll learn how to energy test. Our instructors will help you find your way so that you are confident in your testing abilities. You don't need any great intuitive powers or an ability to "see" energy. With energy testing, you can reliably asses the body's unique energies and energy fields.

Put down a $300 Deposit Now and Receive 3 Bonuses

Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques
A 6 Hour Streaming Video
Jump start your training! Watch Donna as she demonstrates the essential Energy Medicine techniques from her best-selling book, Energy Medicine.
The Energies of Love Class
Filmed in Victoria, Canada, October 2015
Receive one of your required materials for free. Watch this class and learn how to set your relationship on a path of deep connection and caring.
Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body
With Dondi Dahlin
With Special Bonus: Donna Eden Leads You in Tracing the 14 Major Meridians
This video is perfect for beginning students in Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, natural healing, or anyone curious about how the body works as an energy system.

How Your Special Offer Works!

  1. Put down your $300 deposit NOW for a Foundations class and receive your streaming bonus videos immediately. Save your receipt.
  2. Register for your class with your Foundations teacher. Show them your deposit receipt and this deposit will be applied to your class 4 payment.
    • Choose a class in a location convenient for you.
    • Classes start in April, May, or June - as determined by your teacher.
    • This is a series of 4 classes that meet once a quarter for an expanded weekend.
    • Class locations are often determined by student interest. If you'd like to take a class in 2017 and don't see a location that works for you, go ahead and give us your deposit. We'll see if we can generate interest in that location.
    • If you cannot find a class near you, you are entitled to a refund of your deposit.
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The Foundations Program consists of 4 quarterly classes that are held over a expanded weekend, and are offered regionally across the United States, in Canada, and Europe.

Enroll in The Foundations Program today!

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The Foundations Program is offered in 43 locations around the world!

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