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Year 2: Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Join Us for Year 2!

You've completed Foundations! There's so much more ahead!

Welcome to
2017-18 Year 2!


If you're like many of our graduates, you loved your Foundations experience and are eager for more. Whether you want to become an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner or continue on with healing yourself, family, and friends, our Certification Program will further your journey as an empowered healer.

After all, that's Donna's mission: to empower you with the ability and confidence to heal yourself, your family, friends, and community. Everyone. Year 2 provides you with the skills and personal development to get you there. Our program will not only teach you about the nine energy systems, it will also give you practical tools for moving, shifting, and clearing energy. In other words, it will ignite your intuition, and your healing abilities!

Benefits of Year 2

  • Gain confidence in the work and your ability to positively impact others
  • Learn to trust and follow your intuition
  • Better understand how to navigate the world energetically
  • Enhance your existing private practice
  • Connect intimately with a global community of like-minded, energy-aware people
  • Become happier, healthier, and celebrate your authentic self

A Message from Donna about Year 2


In Year 2 you will receive:

  • Access to experienced and diverse faculty
  • Advanced protocols for working with Chakras, Auras, and Meridians
  • In-depth and profound material on the 5 Rhythms, Radiant Circuits, and Electrics
  • Specialized techniques for TW, deeply embedded patterns, and hormones
  • Working knowledge of anatomy and physiology - just enough of what you need to know!
  • Hands-on instruction on how to run a session with a client
  • Advanced practitioner demonstrations
  • Quality handouts and illustrated reference materials
  • Supervised small group breakout sessions during class for hands-on practice
  • Personalized mentoring between classes with experienced faculty

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Our 2017-18 Year 2 classes will take place in Arizona.

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