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No Guts, No Glory! Using EEM to Understand and Maximize Digestive Health

No Guts, No Glory! Using EEM to Understand and Maximize Digestive Health

August 07 - 08, 2017

Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States

The August 2017 Post Class

Open to the public

marjorie-fein-200x133Marjorie Fein

Taught by Marjorie Fein

The digestive system is the vehicle that provides us with the ability to utilize the nutrients in our food to fuel our body. Each aspect of the digestive system has a unique task for which it is uniquely designed to perform. Problems with the digestive system are rampant in our society. Colitis, IBS, acid reflux, and Crohn's disease are conditions we have become all too familiar with, and they can be particularly stubborn to shift.

Along with the different functions the organs perform come very different emotional and energetic aspects, as well as different metaphoric meanings in Chinese Medicine. This insight gives us a much keener lens with which to approach working with these aspects of the body in our clients.

Dates and Times:

Monday, August 7, 2017 from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m., continuing Tuesday, August 8, 2017
from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Cost: $90

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In this class students will:

  • Learn broad-stroke understanding of the organs and functions of the digestive system. Understanding the function of the individual organs greatly increases our ability to effectively hone in on the imbalances we encounter.
  • Learn many simple and effective new EEM tests and energy balancing techniques for working with the digestive system as a whole and the individual organs. Students learn a two-minute routine to tonify all the organs of the digestive system, as well as energy tools targeted to specific organs.
  • Explore the emotional and metaphorical meaning relating to these different organs. Understanding the subtler implications of the physical structures we work with greatly expands our ability to effect change. For example, grappling with a tough decision might be the sole reason one's small intestine is not working well.

About Marjorie Fein

Marjorie Fein has been a senior faculty member of the Donna Eden Certification Program since its inception in 2005. She was a contributing designer of the Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. She travels throughout the country teaching classes in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Aromatherapy while maintaining her private practice in New York City.

Marjorie has enjoyed a successful full-time practice in energy medicine and aromatherapy for over 15 years, and is highly skilled in other energetic modalities such as EFT, Psych-K and Reiki. She is a gifted teacher who imparts her extensive knowledge with clarity and humor.