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For Pet's Sake! Energy Medicine for Animals! - Live Stream

For Pet's Sake! Energy Medicine for Animals! - Live Stream

October 27 - 29, 2017

Independence, Kansas, United States


October 27-29, 2017

Phoenix, AZ or Watch It Live Over the Internet!

Taught by Madison King, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Open to Everyone.

No previous Energy Medicine knowledge required.

donna-eden-aDonna Eden,
Founder of Eden Energy Medicine

"Madison's love for and devotion to animals has blossomed into this powerful class for helping you keep your four-legged friends healthy and happy. Drawing from her vast background in Energy Medicine, Madison not only provides simple, effective tools for keeping an animal vital, she shows you how to attune your intuition to connect energetically to your pet's health needs. It is a wise and wonderful resource for all animal lovers."

cat-eyes-bIn This Class, You'll Learn How To:


Nurture Your Pet's Health

Learn how to help relieve pain, heal injuries and wounds, alleviate skin issues. Learn simple techniques to help your pet deal with any challenges or simply to maintain a good level of health


Find the Best Diet For Your Pet

Every animal is unique and not all food is good for all animals – even ‘high-end’ pet food. Learn how to energy test your pet to find the food that works best for him/her. The results may surprise you.


Deepen Your Bond and Improve Your Sensitivity

Learn techniques to improve the sensitivity of your hands and hone your ability to sense and feel what your pet needs and where; developing or deepening the bond between you.


Help Fearful, Stressed, or Abused Animals

Simple techniques to help your pet deal with stress, anxiety, fear or issues resulting from neglect or abuse. How to make them feel safe, relax, and begin to enjoy life to the fullest.

Guidance Grid will help you find the right technique for your pet!

Madison will be teaching myriad techniques and tips, so to take the guesswork out of which to use, she will also share her special ‘guidance grid’ to help you identify the technique that will deliver the optimum benefit to help your pet!

Meet Your Teacher - Madison King

maddie-king-smallMadison and Mabel

I have been the guardian to many dogs, cats, horses and occasional rabbit all my life and worked with energy medicine for nearly 30 years, running my very first animal workshop, by the river in Fulham (London) 25 years ago. Since then it has been an absolute joy to share the work, as it developed, with others; both in workshops, one to one and in two published books (Energy Medicine for your Dog/Energy Medicine for your Cat). Animals are so easy to work with, no ‘intellectual’ barriers; they are wise souls, endearingly mischievous at times, irritatingly wilful and stubborn at others, but most have a purity of spirit that is an honour and joy to work with. It can be humbling and rewarding in a way you never thought possible.

I have witnessed Energy Medicine ‘rescue’ my dog from death and less dramatically found it has helped itchy skin conditions, healing broken bones, supporting post-operative care, dealing with trauma and accident, relieving everyday aches and pains and easing arthritic stiffness. Many of these techniques have roots in deeply ancient energy medicine and have been around for years – because they work! Above all, working in this way deepens the bond between you and takes pet companionship to another level.

In this class I want to share with you some simple but effective tools to help care for your pet. They are easy, non-intrusive, free, and absolutely safe. Have fun with them, work from the heart with love and I’m pretty sure your pet will enjoy every single second …. As indeed you will.


Meet Fuego

Isn't he beautiful?

He'll be joining us for part of the class.

Watch It Live Over the Internet!

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