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Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

About the EEMCP Year 2 Scholarship and Donations

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scholarship recipients

to see how donations to the EEM Scholarship Fund have helped change lives.

Thanks to donations from the many generous hearts within the Eden Energy Medicine community, we are able to maintain an EEM Scholarship Fund (donation details below).

This fund allows us to annually offer a limited number of EEMCP Year 2 scholarships to deserving students, to assist them with attending and graduating from the upcoming Year 2 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

A scholarship application process is opened up at the turn of each new year (details below). If granted, the scholarship covers one-half of the tuition for each of the four classes in the upcoming EEMCP Year 2.

  • Please note that due to limited scholarship funds, EEMCP scholarships are only available for students who are about to enter the upcoming EEMCP Year 2.
    • It is our hope that Year 3, Year 4, and TEEM students can charge for their EEM services and use some of those funds to pay for their tuition and travel.
    • We also encourage students to find a sponsor(s) in their community who would be willing to support their continued training. Some students have found the exchange of services for sponsorship to be quite rewarding.
  • Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee that a scholarship will be granted; there are always many more applicants than available scholarships.

Scholarship Applications

The 2017-18 EEMCP Year 2 scholarship application period is now closed.

The 2018-19 EEMCP Year 2 scholarship application will open in early 2018, and will be available to students who completed Year 1 in 2017 or are completing it in early 2018.

Donating to the EEM Scholarship Fund

We are asking everyone in our community who can to please consider contributing to the Eden Energy Medicine Scholarship Fund of the Energy Medicine Institute. This fund makes it possible for deserving individuals to attend Year 2 of our Certification Program, become trained in Donna’s approach to energy medicine, and help take this work out into the world.

Donations can be made online or by check to the non-profit Energy Medicine Institute.


Scholarships Change Lives!