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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our TEEM 101 Training.

Q. I know that TEEM stands for "Teaching Eden Energy Medicine." But if we take TEEM 101 what are we authorized to teach, exactly?

A. When you successfully complete the TEEM 101 program you will be an Authorized Teacher of EM101/102 classes. These classes are considered the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). Each class (EM101 and EM102) is 6-7 hours long and the two classes may be split up over two days. Many people teach them as a weekend workshop with EM101 on Saturday and EM102 on Sunday, but you can also split up each class over two days, as long as they are taught within one week.

TEEM is also the “gateway” to teaching other Eden Energy Medicine classes like Foundations. In the future, we will have more classes available to teach, and if a person wants to be qualified/authorized to teach those classes, they will need to start with TEEM.

Q. What is TEEM 101 like? Is it all lecture? Do we practice any Eden Energy Medicine?

A. TEEM 101 is focused on helping you be the best teacher you can be. It's a mixture of lecture, small group time, practice teaching, Q & A's, and presenting in front of your small group. You will not be practicing Eden Energy Medicine; you will demonstrate EEM techniques from the EM101/102 curriculum, as if you were teaching them to others.

One of the most beneficial aspects of being in TEEM is that you will learn to succinctly articulate the concepts of EEM so you can convey clear messages and lessons to your students.

Q. If I take TEEM 101 and become an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher, can I teach anything I want?

A. The EM101/102 class is a 6-7 hour workshop with a set curriculum. When you graduate from TEEM 101 and become an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher you will have access to the EM101/102 handouts covering the following curriculum:


  • The Flow of Energy
  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Three Additional Core Exercises (The Celtic Weave, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Heaven Rushing In)
  • Crossover Energies
  • Staying Grounded
  • Pathways of Energy: Meridians
  • Triple Warmer and Spleen
  • Neurovascular Reflex Points


  • Energy Spacesuit: The Auric Field
  • Energy Testing Basics
  • Energy Testing Pre-checks and Guidelines
  • Test Before You Ingest
  • Self Testing
  • Releasing Pain the Energy Way
  • Zone Tapping for Pain
  • Quickie Balancer
  • Brazilian Toe Technique

Q. I heard we have to teach in front of the class in TEEM 101. Is this true? What kind of presentations do we have to do in class?

A. There are two presentations that you will do in TEEM 101. You will prepare the first presentation at home before coming to TEEM 101. It needs to be 10 minutes in length and can be on any topic from EM101/102. The second presentation will be an EM101/102 topic selected in class and needs to be 15 minutes in length.

Please come to class fully prepared to present your 10-minute presentation. You will have time in class to prepare your other presentation.

Q. When I give my "in class" presentations, who will be watching me?

A. Just like in Year 2 of the CP, you will be working with a small group during the TEEM 101 class. Your small group will watch all of your presentations. You will never be teaching/speaking in front of the entire class.

Q. Do you supply anything for our "in class" presentations like visual aids, pens, paper, etc?

A. We supply flip charts and marker pens. However, you can bring anything else you'd like. Do keep in mind that your presentations should be about YOU as the teacher, not your props. When you are an authorized teacher, you will be able to use lots of visual aids to help the students learn. In TEEM 101, we focus on YOU and your teaching style. We help you hone your gestures, voice, vocal range, body language, and energy.

Q. I have been teaching for a long time and I never teach without PowerPoint. I plan on bringing it for my presentations in TEEM 101. Will you provide a projector and screen for me?

A. We have no doubt that your PowerPoint presentations are amazing. But we do not allow students to use PowerPoint in the TEEM 101 class. Most of the exercises in TEEM 101 are built to strengthen you as a teacher and speaker. While PowerPoint is a useful teaching tool, it is not necessary for an effective presentation.

When you graduate from TEEM 101 you will have full access to our EM101 PowerPoints. You will also have the freedom to use your own.

Q. I have heard that we will be filmed during TEEM 101. What is that all about and who watches the film?

A. Each student delivers two presentations during the four days of a TEEM 101 class.

We encourage you to film the second presentation with your mobile phone or with your own camera. Your Small Group Leader will help assist with the recordings and can help arrange for one of your small group colleagues to hold the phone while you give your presentation. This is an exercise just for you. It gives you the chance to watch yourself teach and discover what was positive about your presentation and what could be improved.

Q. I love seeing my friends and having some downtime at the hotel during events. What is the class schedule like? How much time off from class do we have?

A. The schedule is very similar to the EEMCP Year 2 training. Classes usually run in the morning from 9-12 and in the afternoon from 2-6. You will have time in class to work on your presentations, although some work after class may be needed.

Q. I have a lot going on back home, including full-time work, so I may need to arrive a little late or a leave a little bit early when I come for TEEM 101. That's ok, right?

A. We are concerned if you need to arrive late or leave early because it may impact your ability to pass TEEM 101. A request to miss class time needs to go through the TEEM 101 Class Administrator and/or the Director of Education.

Q. Do I need to bring my Energy Medicine book or notes from all the EEM classes I have taken?

A. If you have personal EEM notes that you refer to and feel you might need for preparation, by all means bring them. You do not need to bring an Energy Medicine book unless you feel you would not be comfortable without it.

Q. What happens after we leave the TEEM 101 class?

A. You will work with your Small Group Leader (SGL) to teach your first EM101 class within eight weeks after the TEEM 101 class. You will need to film your EM101 class and send the memory stick/flash drive/thumb drive to your SGL. The SGL will watch your recording, give you input, and let you know if you are ready to be an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher. This entire process differs from person to person, but usually takes about three months after you attend TEEM 101.

If you are planning to take TEEM 101, you may want to look ahead in your calendar now to get an idea of your timing and when you might teach your first class. Also, if you are unsure of the technology involved to accomplish filming your class, we suggest you begin your research now. (Many TEEM 101 students arrange for a friend or family member to film their class.)

Q. What if I cannot teach my first EM101 class within eight weeks after the TEEM  101 class?

A. We realize that people have very busy lives. If you cannot teach within eight weeks after class, you can ask for an extension from your Small Group Leader. Keep in mind that the extension will come with a fee.

Q. Must I complete the requirements of TEEM 101 in order to take TEEM Foundations?

A. Yes.

Q. EM101 is a six-hour class! Do I need to film all six hours of my first class?

A. For your first class, we require you to film three hours of it. Part of being a good teacher is stamina and endurance. Your Small Group Leader needs to see that you can retain your energy throughout an extended period of teaching. This includes seeing how you open the class, respond to questions, and interact with students.

For your first class, you may choose to teach all of EM101 (Part 1 and Part 2) or just Part 1. Either way, we need the first three hours of the class recorded. This is sent to your Small Group Leader who will watch the video and provide you with mentoring after they view your class.

Q. May I charge for my first student-teaching class? (I am talking about the one that I have to film and send to my Small Group Leader in order to pass TEEM 101.)

A. Yes, in fact, we require you to charge for it. You will be teaching a legitimate 6-7 hour workshop, so charging people to take the class is appropriate. We go over what to charge in the TEEM 101, class and we also discuss the administrative portion of the TEEM training.

Q. After I go through the TEEM 101 training and become an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher, I have heard that I will work in "partnership" with Innersource. Does this mean that Innersource will publicize my classes?

A. Yes, Innersource publicizes every EM101/102 class on the Eden Energy Medicine Programs Facebook page. We encourage you to "like," "share," and comment on your post so it spreads around Facebook.

We also publicize all EM101/102 classes on this dedicated page of our website.

Once you become an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher we will accept you as a member of our EM101/102 Teachers Facebook page where we discuss marketing, ways to attract students, teaching techniques, and more! This page is a good way to stay connected to other EM101/102 Teachers:

Plus we discuss helpful marketing tips in class so you understand how best to publicize your class in your area.

Q. After I graduate from TEEM 101 I plan to teach in (for example) Lithuanian and Japanese.  Will you supply the handouts for me in Lithuanian and Japanese?

A. No. Currently the EM101/102 handouts are offered in English, Spanish, and French. If you are teaching in a language other than these three languages, you will need to translate the handouts on your own, or use supplemental materials to augment them in the language in which you would like to teach. 

Q. I have been a teacher for many years. I have even taught to teachers and been involved with teaching programs. I am pretty sure I already know everything you are going to teach me in TEEM 101. Do I really need to take TEEM 101 to teach EEM?

A. TEEM 101 is very comprehensive. We cover creative teaching, working with visual aids, public speaking, teaching to different elements and sensory types, marketing, and a bevy of other topics. One of the most unique topics is how to work with Innersource as a partner. We have a very detailed segment of class devoted to administrative tasks, scheduling, rosters, deadlines, what to charge for classes, access to our Teachers website, and much more. We believe TEEM 101 is an exceptional teaching program and student input has confirmed this. TEEM 101 is also unique to the teaching world because it uses information from EEM. You can certainly teach EEM on your own, but you will not be considered an Authorized EM101/102 Teacher or be able to use our handouts. You also will not benefit from publicity on our Facebook page and on our website.

Q. Can I get Continuing Education credits (CEs) for taking TEEM 101?

A. Yes, click here to see the available CEs for the TEEM 101 class.

Q. Can I offer Continuing Education credits (CEs) for Teaching EM101/102?

A. Once you have completed the course you may offer CEs to your students. To find out more about the CE options for EM101/102 please refer to your EM101/102 Policies and Guidelines handbook.

Q. Can I get Innersource Continued Training hours for taking TEEM 101?

A. Yes, we provide Continued Training hours for TEEM 101. This course provides 4 Continued Training hours to be applied to your current renewal cycle.