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TEEM 101 Training

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amazing teachers!
In this professional-level course, you will learn skills to enhance your success as a teacher. Established CP Faculty members and award-winning public speakers will assist you in making your presentations clear, compelling, and memorable.

This five-day class will teach you how to grab and hold the attention of your students.  It is full of techniques that will make teaching your classes easier on your nerves and more fun for all. Attending TEEM 101 is sure to boost your confidence and credibility as an EEM teacher. Read the FAQ for more details.

During the TEEM 101 training, you will learn how to communicate your information and ideas while motivating and inspiring people. Whether your goal is to teach a class of 5, 15, 50, or more, the TEEM 101 training can help you gain confidence in your teaching as you learn how to:

  • Overcome nervousness and inhibition
  • Think clearly under pressure
  • Organize your classes
  • Prepare your classroom space so it is warm, safe, and comfortable
  • Analyze an audience to maximize the impact of your message
  • Organize your material quickly, effectively, and logically
  • Train your voice and body to become spontaneous and dynamic
  • Understand and involve your audience
  • Manage and promote your classes for maximum success

There are two primary goals in the TEEM 101 training. The first is to help you gain confidence as a teacher. During the five days of class, you will gain insights from the TEEM 101 faculty and mentors who are part of your class. They will help you understand your innate strengths as a teacher and also those areas of presenting that might be more of a challenge for you. All of this is done with the intent of helping to make you the best teacher you can be.

The second goal is to prepare you to teach Innersource’s entry-level EEM classes, EM101 and EM102. These are two six-hour classes designed to help you introduce EEM to your community. When you teach an EM101 or EM102 class, Innersource provides you with the handouts and promotes your classes on our website. For more information about the EM101/102 classes, click here.

After the five-day TEEM 101 class, you return home for a three-month mentorship. During this time, your mentor will be available to answer your questions and coach you in teaching your first EM101 class within eight weeks of your TEEM 101 class. Your student teaching EM101 class must be videotaped and sent to your mentor who will review sections of it and discuss them with you. Once your mentorship is successfully completed, your mentor will write a Letter of Recommendation for you and you will officially be a TEEM 101 graduate and an authorized EM101/102 teacher. Congratulations!