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Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide
Part of the Energy Psychology Interactive Series
By David Feinstein, Ph. D.

Interactive Self-Help Guide





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Energy Psychology Interactive

... gently and powerfully introduces you to what may be the next revolution in psychology.

— Bill O'Hanlon, author, In Search of Solutions


The Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide was written for therapists to give to their clients for back-home practice of what they are learning during their therapy sessions. Because it so nicely synthesizes many of the basic principles of Energy Psychology into a simple, practical guide, it quickly became one of our most popular products.

We now recommend the Promise of Energy Psychology, which was written after the Self-Help Guide and contains all the info in the Guide, plus so much more, as the starting place for most people. However, the Self-Help Guide is still an excellent "just-the-basics" primer and it is also offered as an e-book.

The Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide:

  • Is a self-help manual for individuals, plus a resource for therapists to give to their clients.

  • Teaches you the basic steps for addressing specific problems and goals, for uplifting your mood, and for optimizing your energies.

  • Is a friendly, streamlined, 83-page book, providing simple, easy to follow instructions.

  • Has 22 clear illustrations on how to self-apply the technique.

  • Provides links and resources to energy-oriented psychotherapists, video programs, internet support sites, newsletters and e-groups, and non-profit organizations concerned with Energy Psychology.

Finally, there is an easy-to-use training resource that introduces clinicians and lay people alike to the considerable benefits of energy psychology. . . .

— Asha Nahoma Clinton, LCSW, Ph.D.



Foreword by Candace Pert, Ph.D.

Section I: Energy Methods to Address Specific Problems and Goals

Section II: Optimizing Your Energies

Section III: Uplifting Your Mood

Closing Words


Links and Resources