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Energy Psychology Interactive
Resources for Therapists and Their Clients

Energy Psychology Interactive Advisory Board

Each member of the Advisory Board is a well-credentialed health or mental health professional and a recognized leader or innovator within the emerging field of energy psychology. Each has reviewed, critiqued, and approved the program presented here.


  • Joaquín Andrade, M.D. 
  • Dan Benor, M.D 
  • Patricia Carrington, Ph.D. 
  • Asha Nahoma Clinton, M.S.W., Ph.D. 
  • John Diepold, Ph.D. 
  • Jim Durlacher, D.C.
  • Donna Eden
  • David Feinstein, Ph. D.
  • Charles R. Figley, Ph.D. 
  • Tapas Fleming, L.Ac. 
  • Fred Gallo, Ph. D.
  • Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. 
  • David Gruder, Ph.D. 
  • Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D., R.N. 
  • Warren Jacobs, M.D. 
  • Martin Jerry, M.D., Ph.D. 
  • Peter Lambrou, Ph.D. 
  • Greg Nicosia, Ph.D. 
  • Larry Nims, Ph.D. 
  • Gary Peterson, M.D. 
  • George Pratt, Ph.D. 
  • Lee Pulos, Ph.D. 
  • Mary Sise, M.S.W. 
  • Larry Stoler, Ph.D. 
  • Judith Swack, Ph.D. 
  • Sharon Cass Toole, Ph.D. 
  • Helen Tuggy, Ph.D.