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The Essentials of Energy Medicine

January 11 - March 29, 2018


10th Annual Tapping World Summit

February 26 - March 08, 2018


Omega Costa Rica - Energy Medicine: A Hands on Workshop

March 10 - 17, 2018

Liberia, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

20th International Energy Psychology Conference

May 02 - 08, 2018

Orlando, Florida, United States

Donna's Advanced Class

July 06 - 08, 2018

San Diego, California, United States

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Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


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Training Sequence

Donna and David Teaching at EsalenDavid works with a student while Donna teaches the class about neurovascular points. Classes, like this one at Esalen Institute, are taught regularly around the U.S. with Donna and David and also by their advanced practitioners and faculty.

Empower Yourself with Eden Energy Medicine

From the Basics to Advanced Study

Donna Eden and Innersource are committed empowering as many people as possible with the simple, yet powerful techniques of Energy Medicine. Your body's ENERGY is its own BEST MEDICINE and Donna, with her unique ability to see energy, has perfected the practice of Eden Energy Medicine to yield very positive results for your health (and the health of your loved ones).

Donna is very aware of the different learning styles and, as a result, we offer both formal and less formal, self-paced ways of learning the principles and practices of Eden Energy Medicine. 

A systematic way to learn Eden Energy Medicine, from the most basic principles to highly advanced methods designed for the professional practitioner, is to go through the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

Numerous other routes exist that do not require the level of commitment of the Certification Program.

Introductory Courses – Live 

Introduction to Energy Medicine 101-102

These 6-hour hands-on introductory classes are taught locally in many communities. EM 101 and 102 cover topics that can be used for self-care. These classes are taught by Donna's senior practitioners. EM 101 – 102 taken as a series covers most of the topics previously taught in the format of a 5-Day Basic Energy Medicine Training.

Click here for a list of EM101-102 classes.

Foundations Classes

This one year program is an immersion into Eden Energy Medicine. Taught as 4 classes over a year, each of the classes last 4 days. The program is currently offered in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. There is also substantial back-home supervised experience (live or through Skype) and other features you would expect in a highly professional training program. The program is the first of the two-year program that prepares people to be Certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioners, but anyone can benefit from this first year and it will prepare health care professionals to introduce Energy Medicine into their practices.

Learn more about the Foundations Classes

Energy Medicine for Women 

Offered in a variety of formats, these courses are taught by Certified EEM practitioners who have special training in the material presented in Donna's award-winning book on the topic.

Click here for a list of Energy Medicine for Women Classes

Energy Medicine Study Groups 

Learning Energy Medicine with others on an ongoing basis in a format that is less formal than organized classes is a wonderful way to learn Energy Medicine.

Click here for a list of Energy Medicine Study Groups Available in Various Communities

Introductory Courses – Home Study 

Many of our Energy Medicine courses are available on a Home Study basis with Professional Continuing Education credit available if desire. For each Home Study Course you can: 

  1. Obtain and study the materials and stop there.
  2. Study the materials and for an additional fee take an exam to test your proficiency, and receive a Certificate of Completion from Innersource..
  3. Earn the Certificate of Completion along with Professional CE units.

Five Introductory Home Study Programs:

Energy Medicine Overview (2 CE Credits)
Course Material: 2 Papers (Download Free): A Beginner's Guide to EM and Principles of EM

The Energy Medicine Kit (4 CE Credit)
A simple, extremely useful introduction to Energy Medicine and a great companion to the Energy Medicine book.

Introduction to Energy Medicine (8 CE Credits)
Course Material: Introduction to Energy Medicine DVD and Chapters 1 - 3 of Energy Medicine

Essential Energy Medicine Techniques (12 CE Credits)
Course Material: The 6-Hour Energy Medicine Essential Techniques DVDs and Chapters 4 - 8 of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Basic 5-Day Training (24 CE Credits)
Course Material: Energy Medicine Basic 5-Day Training 8-DVD Set

Three Additional Home Study Programs (No Prerequisites required):

The Energies of Love (4 CE Credits)
Successful relationships involve harmony in the energies between the people. Learn how to achieve that harmony

Energy Medicine for Women (CE Credits not available)
Based on the award-winning sequel to Donna Eden's first book, this is a professionally-filmed, well-edited course on the topic.

The Promise of Energy Psychology (10 CE Credits)
Bringing energy techniques to overcome psychological difficulties and optimize performance is one of the most exciting developments in the mental health field. This course is a premier resource for laypeople as well as professionals to introduce themselves to it.

Intermediate Training – Live 

The International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine  (IGEEM).
IGEEM is an annual convention that serves enthusiasts of ALL levels interested in Energy Medicine, offering inspiring keynote presentations from leaders and pioneers in innovative health care practices to seminars on a wide variety of cutting edge topics in EEM. It is a gathering, a community, and a place of intense and wonderful learning.

The next IGEEM has not yet been announced.

Foundations Practice Class

A 4-Day Course taught by Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty and designed for deepening and integrating the principles and procedures taught in Foundations Classes. The course is organized around the concept of "practice, practice, practice" and involves hands-on application of the techniques, self-applied and with partners.

The next Foundations Practice Class has not been announced.

Intermediate Training – Home Study

 Three specialized modules, taught in classes of 2 to 4 days each, are available in videotaped versions of the classes and expand your knowledge and skill base beyond the basic training. These classes may on occasion also be taught by our advanced practitioners.

Completion of EM 101 – 102 (or their equivalent in shorter classes, study groups, and intensive study of Donna's book and introductory DVDs) is strongly encouraged before purchasing the DVDs of these classes.

Becoming an Energy Tracker (8 CE Credits)
Available as a Home Study Course 

Ethics for Energy Healing Practitioners (6 CE Credits)
Available as a Home Study Course

The Radiant Circuits / Freeing the Spirit
Available as a Self Study Course 

The Five Rhythms
Available as a Self Study Course

Energy Tracker should be taken first. The other two courses can be taken in either order. 

Advanced Training – Live

Donna Eden and Innersource on occasion offer advanced trainings outside of the Certification Program.

Click here for a list of all our upcoming events.

Advanced Training – Home Study

Three videotapes of advanced classes taught by Donna Eden are available (not applicable for CE Credits).

Shifting Deeply Embedded Patterns

Colors, Auras, and the Psychic Realm

The Diamond Inlay and Other Advanced Topics

These 3 classes may be taken in any order once all of the Basic and Intermediate Training has been completed.

Consultation Arrangements 

Case consultation is an important part of the training of any health care practitioner and can be utilized by individuals of any level of proficiency. You may contact any of our EEM Certified Practitioners to inquire about consultation arrangements. These may be done not only in-person but also, depending on the circumstances, via Skype, e-mail, or telephone. 

 The Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

This program provides four years of systematic, high-quality training for becoming an Energy Medicine practitioner, for incorporating Energy Medicine into an existing health care practice, or for becoming extremely well-versed in the methods for personal use.

The program is designed so a person can stop and have had a complete course of study at the end of Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4. At the end of Year 2, the person is ready to provide services to the public as a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and is listed on our website in that manner. At the end of Year 4, the person is ready to provide services to the public as an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and is listed with that designation.

The Certification Program is by all available measures a great program and can be done largely at home except for four intensive 4-day classes each year. The first year of the program, the Foundations Program, provides a thorough training experience in the foundations of Eden Energy Medicine and even for those not planning to go on with the program, prepares physicians, nurses, and other health care practitioners to begin to incorporate Energy Medicine into their work.

Click here to learn more about the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program